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Community-Based Occupational Therapy

We strive to work with our kiddos in the community to promote integration of the skills we work on in the clinic within the most natural environment.

Community-Based Occupational Therapy: The Clinic

What community services do we offer?

We have worked with our kiddos in the past at various parks, the zoo, bowling alleys, gyms and swimming pools, the library, museums, and bike trails. We strive to work with each family to meet their individual needs within the community environment.

Last summer, we worked with five families to promote bike riding. Last winter, we took kids rock climbing, sledding, and cross country skiing in various parks around town. This summer, we worked on playing soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, and other sports at local parks in town to promote social participation, coordination, and adaptive recreation within the community.

See pictures below to learn more about the community services we have offered in the past or contact us to learn more about this!

Community-Based Occupational Therapy: Text
Community-Based Occupational Therapy: Pro Gallery
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