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Bilateral Motor Coordination Activities to Do at Home

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

What is bilateral motor coordination?

Bilateral motor coordination is the ability to use both sides of the body together to complete movement activities. This can be as complicated as playing sports activities to as simple as washing your hands.

Why is it important?

Bilateral motor coordination skills are important because most activities require both sides of the body to work together to complete tasks in a mature, organized, and efficient manner. Bilateral motor coordination also supports overall development because it requires both sides of the brain to work together. This is important because our brain has to be able to communicate with the best of our bodies for us to function.

Some activities that you can try at home that may support increased bilateral motor coordination skills include:

  1. Catching/throwing/dribbling a small ball

  2. Bear crawls

  3. Crab walks

  4. Line dancing

  5. Cross country skiing

  6. Riding a scooter

  7. Playing any sports activities that require a ball (e.g., soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis)

  8. Arts and crafts activities that require both hands to work together

  9. Holding paper with one hand while drawing with the other

  10. Cutting paper with one hand while holding the paper with the other

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