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Our Clinic

Out clinic has a wide array of sensory and motor tools to promote successful skill development and play during therapy sessions. We have an assortment of sensory gym equipment including swings, mats, and other items used to make obstacle courses and to promote sensory regulation with our kiddos.

We have a variety of fine motor, ocular motor, and visual-motor tools to promote pre-handwriting, shoe tying, and related skill development. 

We have tools to promote oral motor development and the organization of oral sensory input.

We have tools related to therapeutic listening to support auditory and global processing including the ForBrain modality.

We also have items that we use in the community including cross country ski equipment, snow shoes, golf, tennis, ice skates, sport equipment, and scooters. Since we are on the edge of Cuddy Park, we have daily access to the park for ice skating, bike riding, scooter riding, cross country skiing, sports activities and sledding, as well as access to the library, and local businesses nearby.

Check out our pictures below to get a better idea of our space! 

The Clinic: The Clinic
The Clinic: Pro Gallery
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